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    Leslie Tranter
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    Hi I am starting my plan today!! I am so excited to get this going. Motivation is the key!!


    lisa brown
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    Hi everyone! My name is Lisa, and I live in SC. I am soon to be 52 and want to get back to my pre-hysterectomy weight. Today is Day 1 for me! I am excited, but a little nervous too. I am doing this alone, and am concerned I will cave when my partner and I are off work together. The temptation to eat junk and have a vodka & tonic is very strong right now (but fortunatley I just had roasted cabbage and grilled fish and am stuffed). It’s embarrassing for me to admit, but I haven’t gone more than 48 hours without a drink in several years. I have become so used to having a drink or two at night, whether alone or in company. Until July 2013, my weight has never been an issue. However, I gained 20lbs after having a hysterectomy. My metabolism went haywire, and my desire to workout left me. I’m disappointed in myself, but want to succeed – and this forum along with FaceBook will be great support.

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    Eva PS1000
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    Hi Sue, you will do great! Take one minute at a time and focus on today rather than weeks or months.


    Annette Swift
    @Annette Swift
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    Hi my name is Annette. I am currently awaiting my kit to start. I have over 70 pounds to loose that have crept up on me over the years. I have decided it’s time to say good bye to them. I have been reading the posts and can’t wait tom get started.


    Sue Cobb
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    Hi Sue, Lisa and Annette, welcome to the best support group you can find!! We look forward to helping you as many have helped us on this Amazing Journey!!


    joanne alburger
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    Hello Health Warriors! I want to introduce myself: I’m Joanne. I taught public school for 17, so I hide my name behind my husband’s name for privacy.
    smile emoticon
    I am about 70 lbs over weight and have been for 15 years. It doesn’t show as much to others, but it is unhealthy and I am excited about something to help me get healthier. I have Hashimotos Hypothyroidism, so my metabolism has not worked properly for almost 20 yrs. I also look just like my Scottish and Irish ancestors and family members (apple shape – the most unhealthy shape). I am excited for any movement down in weight and I am already grateful for this community and all your posts!! I have been an emotional eater for most of my life (a side effect of child trauma) and I have recently gotten in touch with my hunger sensations (I didn’t eat from hunger). I am excited to keep moving forward and keep healing on so many levels! :-)joanne PS I started on Wed and am now over the detox headache! 🙂


    joanne alburger
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    That was very honest of you to share about the drinking pattern. We’ll be cheering you on and I’m sure your partner will be too!! :-)joanne


    Rachel Fiske
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    Welcome to all newbies here! We are so happy to have you. If we haven’t been introduced yet, my name is Rachel, and I am one of two resident Nutritionists here to help you every step of the way. Definitely check out all of the great articles listed here, as they can be excellent resources. I love hearing your personal stories, and think we can all work together to provide such an essential community of support. Keep the posts and questions coming, and have a happy and healthy weekend 🙂


    Shirley MCFEETERS
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    Hi, My name is Shirley. I am just starting the program today. Very excited. I have never really learned how to eat properly. I always just ate whatever was quick, easy and tasted good. I have hypothyroidism with Hashimotos. I am looking forward to all the changes to come!


    Sue Mitchell
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    Good morning. I began the program this week and am looking forward to losing 50 pounds and getting in good shape. Already love all the encouragement from members and the great recipe’s!


    Linn Orme
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    Hi there, I am from OHIO born and raised. I started program Monday. I have been successful with WW in the past but then stalled when I tried it over and over. I know what healthy eating is, it’s just a mind over stomach and emotions issue for me. I am looking forward to losing around 30 lbs and feeling better and I absolutely love the support from this group, especially from the comfort of my home. 🙂


    Rachel Fiske
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    Hi Linn! So great to have you! My name is Rachel and I’m one of the resident nutritionists here. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or share successes and challenges, as we’re here to support and guide you along the way! Have a lovely weekend.


    Lynnette Stevens
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    Hi everyone, I’m excited to be here and ready for a change. This is my first week and I must say the first 3 days I was in somewhat of a haze, but day 4 I’m starting to feel really good and I have lost 3.5 lbs so far. What a great way to start. Generally I get discouraged fast if I don’t see results, but seeing the lbs start to drop right from the beginning and feeling so much better…I’m all in! I think keeping my kitchen stocked with the right foods and drinking all my water will be key for me.


    Jessica Romeo
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    Lynnette that is fantastic! Yes the first few days of a major shift in diet can be a little difficult, but it sounds like you are already over the hump! Keep up the great work, and yes keep the fridge and pantry stocked. That is usually the key to not slipping up! You are going to rock this program! Keep it up.


    Laina Reeves
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    Hi, my name is Laina (rhymes with Rain, appropriate since I live in The Pacific Northwet AKA Seattle). This is my second time introducing myself since when I first tried a week or more ago, when I hit Share, it just disappeared, which just annoyed me and I never tried again. Anyway, I’m going to give it another try, so Hi!

    I have been doing alright with the plan. The best thing is that it is really do-able, and that my weight is going down! That is a miracle since I struggle with each and every pound I try to lose. I have only lost about 8 pounds in the 25 days I have been on the plan, but I attribute most of the slowness to the fact that I don’t have much weight to lose. I comfort myself by telling myself that it is better to lose slower anyway, but it can be discouraging to hear of the rapid weight losses some of you are experiencing. I would like to lose another 8 pounds but have never been that thin before so not sure if I can. I would be happy with 5 pounds though, since that would put me under 130 pounds. I am 5’4″.

    OK, this is me…now, hopefully it will let me post this!!


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