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    Brad Goudie
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    Welcome to the group. I think you will be very surprised at the level of support and the wonderful people you will find here. Some amazing and inspiring individuals here and we are with you on this journey


    Alexis Roberts
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    Hi all!

    My name is Alexis! I am an ER/Trauma nurse, mommy of 2 little girls, and I love fitness and food!! I lost 32 lbs of baby weight after having my 2 girls but have not been able to get down further. I have always struggled with my weight and binge eating. I’m 5’7 and 185. I’d like to get down to 155. I’m hoping ps1000 can help me accomplish that!


    Brad Goudie
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    @arob4712 Welcome to the group. Yes you can do it. I encourage you to not only do the plan but become engaged with the FB page and this sight. Both have great resources to enhance your success. We are with you.


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    Hi everyone. I am Stacie and am starting the PS1000 Program Phase One tomorrow. I look forward to the online support, encouragement and the ability to get any questions answered.


    Brad Goudie
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    @thebells1111 Welcome Stacie. Be prepared to become a big loser.


    Gale Rummer
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    Glad you decided to, Stacie! You have just joined an amazing family of “losers”, and you will be amazed. Be sure to join the Facebook PS1000 Support page. You will be able to share successes as well as struggles for yourself and others.


    Sandy Bennett
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    Hello, day one started today! I’m 49 and am an overweight healthy! Want to drop at least 35lbs! Have been trying to eat clean and workout to get healthier But.., have been missing something! My mother passed away over a year ago from diabetes related illness and am determined to not end my life in that manner.., diabetes runs in my family and to me is a very preventable disease.. I think this program will be perfect for me! There appears to be a lot of support!! Excited to see the changes that are to come! Here’s to my future!


    Darvi Mack
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    Hi I’m Darvi, I started April 28th and I am adjusting as my challenge is eating regularly on a consistent basis. I have a habit of not eating all day then eat a meal right before bed. So I am learning to eat through out the day and drink plenty of water. I have a busy schedule like most people so any progress I make towards habit change is great for me. To date I am up to 64 oz of water a day and having breakfast consistently. Hit and miss on the other meals and fell off a couple times eating ice cream. I am celebrating any success no matter how small because for me to get the water the breakfast the vitamins and drops are huge progress for me.


    Kyle Smith
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    Hi..I am Kyle. I just started phase 1 on 05/09/2016. Today is day 3 and it hasn’t been too bad as far as fighting the hunger. 8pm seems to be my witching hour where I start to get really hungry and fight cheating. It has caused me to go to bed earlier which isn’t a bad thing! LOL I 42 years old and started struggling with my weight at 32 when I stopped playing basketball. I am 6’7″ and starting the program at 355lbs. Pretty crazy but I was already down 12lbs when I weighed myself this morning!! I am nervous for the weekend…during the week at work it is pretty easy to stay disciplined. At home on the weekends there is much more temptation. My goal is to get back into the two hundreds (299lbs). It would be great to get back to my college playing weight which was 255lbs!


    Pamela Todd
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    Hello my name is Pamela. I just ordered the program. I have never dieted before so I think this is going to be very hard for me. I am a RN who recently started working the night shift which I why I think I started gaining the extra weight. If anyone has suggestions on the initial grocery list or easy meal plans for a busy nurse.


    Savannah Selph
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    Hello, everyone. My name is Savannah, I’m 20 and a full time student. From eating completely raw and juicing my senior year in high school, college has ruined me and I’ve gained a lot of weight. I want to get back to eating well and I need structure. I don’t know how I was able to do it by myself with not much of a guide back then!
    I use a manual wheelchair, so my activity level obviously isn’t high, but my stress level is from school!
    I have the 90 day pack and it’s a little overwhelming but I think I can get it done. I have about 45-50 pounds to lose.

    Nice to have you all here to ask questions!


    Kathryn Renshaw
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    Hello everyone! My name is Katie and I utilized this program a couple of years ago and lost about 35lbs. I want to lose another 40lbs. With being a single mom, fulltime job, going to school fulltime, I have a hard time making good choices or getting to workout. Hoping this will get me back on track!!


    Rosemary Stephens
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    Hi Everyone. I am not really new. I lost 28 pounds doing this program last Sept thru January. I am quickly gain the weight back. There wasn’t this great website at the time. I am excited to be doing this again and have all this support and information at my finger tips.
    Is there somewhere on this site I can find the booklet that tells me the plan and phases as well as foods?
    Good luck to everyone. Those that are brand new this program works!


    David Poole
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    Today is my first day on the PS1000 plan. I’m 64 years old and take 5 Rxs for diabetes, 1 for high cholesterol, 2 for high blood pressure, and 1 for acid reflux. I started this program because I have reached the end of my rope for taking so may Rxs and spending so much money out of my fixed income for them. I recently read an article about diabetics being cured by simply losing a significant amount of weight. My doctor had mentioned several times that diabetics who have gastric bypass surgery are taken off all diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure meds immediately after surgery. Gastric bypass surgery is not on my to-do list, yet. Hopefully, this program will be the answer for my much needed weight loss and healthier lifestyle. I am a little over 5′ 10″ and my starting weight is 243. I have lost about 20 lbs over the past 5 to 6 months, which I can only attribute to the 5th diabetes Rx my doctor started me on. The ads for it mention possible weight loss with the RX even though it is not intended for weight loss. My goals are to get healthy and, Lord willing, live a lot longer for my family, get off ALL Rxs and save a ton of $$$, and feel much much better physically and emotionally. Wearing smaller sized clothes is a motivator, too.


    Brad Goudie
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    Welcome David, I will vouch this program has already reduced my blood pressure and cholesterol. The docto is already talking about taking me off those meds. Another 25lbs and we are going for it. I used to have problems with gout as well. After I lost 40 I stopped those meds and have not had a single flair up. Healthy living and eating is wonderful. Looking forward to hear your results.


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