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    Marilyn Pientka
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    I am reminded that the phrase “Just Do It” applies to me today. I have all I need to start this new way of eating…now “Just Do It”. There is always an excuse for for not starting or perhaps starting on a certain day, or after I eat my favorite food one more time. OK…who is with me… let’s do this!


    LeslieAnn Dykes
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    I’m with you! Let’s do it!


    Eva PS1000
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    I love what someone posted on the support page about getting through not only one day or one hour but the next 2 minutes. Focusing on right now is less overwhelming than thinking “omg how am I going to do it for a week, or a month”.


    Sue Cobb
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    That’s my Motto, “Just Do it!!” Focus on the “Now”, as time slips by and you can’t get that back ever!!


    Jessica Romeo
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    I agree! Lets do this…My personal motto is “take it one healthy meal at a time”


    Judalon Smyth
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    You are all so smart and wise, it’s the one step, one bite at a time that lets me stay balanced, more than that is overwhelm.


    Rachel Fiske
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    What a great thread! And the beautiful part of putting in all of this hard work in the beginning, is that once healthy eating slowly but surely becomes habit, it doesn’t feel quite so hard, anymore! And that’s really what we’re going for right? Long-term, sustainable change that doesn’t feel like we’re always “dieting.” Keep it up!!


    Kim Parker
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    Yes, Just Do It! Lifestyle change not a temporary fix! I’m tired of quick fixes, it never last.


    Tammy DiCarlo
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    I am in maintenance about 10 months now – I have maintained my loss with little difficulty- stick to the ps way of eating 5-6 days a week and deviate one day – usually choose a Saturday. I have definitely used my PS FRIENDS to help me Regroup when I felt I was off track …. If I don’t do it for myself it won’t get done ?


    Deborah Mitchell
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    I am in maintenance since October and have found that I prefer “eating clean!” Oh sure, occasionally I have to have a “free” meal, but overall it seems to be working for me. I love this support group! Couldn’t have made it without the help of the group!


    Brad Goudie
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    Thanks for sharing Deborah. Great to see that things are still going in maintenance mode. It really does become a lifestyle. And yes this support group makes all the difference.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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