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    Eileen Rus
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    Just signed up for the plan. Trying to get excited, but am more resigned to doing this (again). Will start as soon as I shop for all the essentials (veggies, protein powder, etc) which will be on Wednesday.


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    Hi Eileen – You can do this! It is not a diet that you feel resigned to doing but rather a lifestyle change that you are excited to implement. The support is fantastic and I wish you enormous success!


    Vanessa Niemi
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    Eileen I hope you can get pumped! We are all here for each other! And we can all do it. It really is a lifestyle change. We do it for us and for our friends and family. I want to be healthy to spend many years with my husband.

    Did you try this particular program before?? I have a feeling that many of us have tried and failed diets before. Countless for me. I just have to stay positive and keep at it. If the weight is slow to come off for me I am going to focus on the fact that this is a healthy eating program and I’m taking care of myself now!

    Good luck and I believe in you!


    Jennifer Daniels
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    Welcome you have made the best decision for you that you will ever make. Prepping and planning really does take some of the obstacles out of you way. We have all had the start stop syndrome but the thing to remember is you had the courage to restart and not quit. We will all be here to support you. It is not how you start the race it is how and what you do to finish. YOU GOT THIS and WE GOT YOU!!!!!


    Terrie Richards
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    Good morning,
    I am in the same boat so I look at it as a lifestyle change instead of another “not going to work diet”. My husband and I are starting on Wednesday, figured the 1st was a good day to start. Tomorrow will be doing the pics and measurements and putting new batteries in the scales lol.
    It is frustrating doing diet after diet and ending up weighing the same if not more than you did when you started. Kills the self esteem and causes depression … which is a sinking “weight” boat (I eat when I get low) I think we are all in that same boat feeling wise. It seems though that this is a great support network. Good luck to you and if you want someone to chat with, just shoot me a private message 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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