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    Lori Dyckson
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    Day 16

    A big fat BBQ FU.


    Lori Dyckson
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    Day 17

    B coffee yogurt
    S protein shake with mixed berries
    L salad with chicken
    S hummus and peppers
    D Chicken breast, green beans, yogurt
    W I can get 96 oz. down in a day.

    E Water jogging-maybe

    Food for thought: The real person you are is revealed in the moments when you’re certain no other person is watching. When no one is watching, you are driven by what you expect of yourself.

    Part of my problem is I didn’t come here to state my intentions for the day. The second part is to look at the food and remember how all those dishes taste and how it made me feel. The third is I didn’t leave when I should have because part of me wanted more. I need to build more discipline and resistance. Thank goodness there’s not a lot of reasons for a party for a while. There is a forth where I do not feel satisfied physically. Some of my food is not getting *ahem* thoroughly digested and that’s causing bathroom issues. At first I thought it was a virus, then food poisoning, but now I think I’m not getting enough bulk to slow things down so my gut has a chance to break things down and allow absorption. I’ll see what I can find on the web that I might try. I already add benefiber to my coffee and yogurt and take a probiotic. Today I’ll add another yogurt and see if I can get a balance somewhere.


    Lori Dyckson
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    Day 22

    SW 300
    CW 291
    GW 150
    MGW 275

    B Coffee, Yogurt
    S Protein shake with frozen peach and raspberries 2 oz. ea.
    L Salad with turkey and 1/2 carb balance tortilla with 1/2 a cheese stick
    S Hummus and peppers, RF cheese stick
    D Shrimp, zucchini, raw carrots, pear, 1/2 carb balance tortilla with 1/2 a cheese stick
    W 96 oz
    E water aerobics
    Food for thought: You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.
    My gut needs something to slow things down or so my dr. says. She suggested adding a little cheese 1 oz and a little bread. So the tortilla is 100 cal and 10 grams of fiber and the RF cheese is between 50-70 calories depending of which brand and type of cheese. So far it has worked to slow it down a bit. Dr. is not fond of this diet but she says if it works for me then do it. One reason is the lack of calcium in the diet and not recommending a calcium supplement. I’m calling this Phase 1.5 Today WA, PO, Lib, Mom’s, Joanns, grocery, church to drop off fall festival donation. Then set up for garage sale. I’m tired by just thinking about it. Once GS is over, then I can think about the craft fair at church in Nov.


    Laura Singletary
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    Hey Lori, I was reading your food log and just wanted to say hi! Love day 16. I am using a phone app, Lose It, to keep my food log. I’m just starting, on day 3. Hope you are still working it, I need to loose about 100. Will see how far I go. Good luck.


    T Love
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    Hi Laura,
    Are you using MyFitnessPal?


    Mary Beth Gunderson
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    thanks for sharing

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