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    Jennifer Burns
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    Hello. My name is Jennifer, most people call me Jen. Anyway- I started my weight loss/ healthier journey in Sept. 2011 by dropping 90 pounds in a year on a very strict diet and workout schedule. I was happier than ever, back to my HS weight. But let’s face it who can live that strict forever!!?? I was able to maintain my weight loss for about year or so. But now I am here at 140lbs. And my clothes are tight and some don’t fit and I refuse to buy new clothes! When I started I was 205; got to 115. I will be 40 years old this year. I discovered clean eating about a year ago and been playing around with it, but now I need to lose these 20lbs by my 40th birthday in August! I joined a gym beginning of February and was going 4 times a week, but then we decided to renovate part of house, which got me off track. That’s all done and back to the gym I go starting Monday. I am hoping with the clean eating and meal prep I have already been doing combining the supplement will just be what I need to shed these 20lbs and rock my Carolina Blue bikini in the Florida Keys on my birthday. Thanks for listening sorry for the long post. I will happily waiting for my order!



    Welcome! This is a great place to get support, and ask any questions if you have them! I love your determination, and wow 90 pounds is AMAZING!

    Keep up the good work, and good luck!



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    Hi Jen- You are going to do great on this plan with your past experience of weight loss, clean eating and exercise. The added support and encouragement of like minded people will tip the scales further (pardon the pun). The prepping and planning are key and I wish you great success!

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