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    From Mañana O Donovan

    ” I just received ps1000 drops and I’m ready and exited to start my diet. But I’m leaving for vacation in 10 days. I’ll be traveling to turkey and republic of Georgia. I mostly be eating out and following the suggested plans/recipes will be difficult. Do you think I should start diet after I return or It makes sense to start now and do my best to follow guidelines?”

    My reply (others feel free to chime in)

    I would wait to start the program until you return. Personally having been over to Turkey their brands, and foods are very different than in the States. It will be hard to start properly while being forced to eat out as well as new foods plus airports!



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    I might wait too. My out of country travel was during my first 90 days, but it was more like six weeks in. With the trip being so close, may as well save the drops. Plus one less thing to travel with, more room in those little quart-size bags for other things!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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