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    Shane G
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    Hi everyone, Just got my package today and I want to start the diet tomorrow. I work about 6-70 hours per week, have 4 kids, and don’t have a lot of time so I am hoping by asking here I can get some help from my fellow participants here on these forums!

    I am looking for a grocery list so I can buy enough of the correct foods to get me through a week. I have been unable to locate a list of what I need to purchase to get me started on the plan.

    I see people referring to menu plans but have only been able to find only recipes for meals, not a complete list of what I should be eating for every meal. I want to get started ASAP so I am looking for a daily list of what to eat for this week. Once I get further into the plan I may make my own plans but at this point I just do not feel comfortable making the decisions on what to eat. This is one of the reasons I paid for this plan, to make it easier on me.

    Does anyone have any example of how they track their meals, weight, body measurements, water intake, and feelings on a daily basis? I am thinking Excel would be an excellent choice to use to create something like this if I am unable to find something here.

    Thanks for reading my post and any/all help is much appreciated!

    Shane G.


    Shane G
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    Ok, after looking around some more I found the free one week diet plan and grocery list. Are there more of these available besides the 2 listed for phase 1?


    Jennifer Daniels
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    The book has a sample food list for a week worth of recipes, it also has an approved food list. This is not like most plans you do need to do some planning. This is my week two and like you I have a very busy schedule. What I did was plan my meals for the week I picked things that I could carry to work and microwave to reheat. I prepped and cooked all my meals on Sunday (I started Jan 10) including snacks and I lost 11.7 pounds the first week. This Sunday I picked new meals and prepped and cooked them for this week. If you do not prep you will not be successful. I ended up 50 pounds overweight my making fast food choices. This makes me make smart food choices but I set my self up for success by preparation.

    Good Luck You’ve Got This!!!


    Shane G
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    Thanks for the response,

    I only see a plan for day 1 and day 2 in the book. Pages 23 & 24. I could not locate a menu/meal plan for a week. The free one offered under the Member Store tab would not download for me nor is it in my email after 4 hours.


    Steve DelGatto
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    Scroll to the bottom of this page and download the free phase 1 book. There is also one for purchase for 7.95 also.

    Member Store


    Tonya Boyd
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    The facebook group also has a menu plan. You might check over there.


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    Also in the matter of tracking what you eat, your weight and measurements and water intake, I use my fitbit app. It allows all of these. If you don’t have fitbit, you can also use my fitness pal (a free app) or if you like the old fashioned way of tracking, there is a form I found on the facebook group that has a way to track your meals. Best of luck to you on your journey!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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