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    Bella Smith
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    Tomorrow I’m going grocery shopping and getting everything ready for my husband and me. We’re so ready to get this weight off!!! We’ve tried every other “fad diet” but we know we have to completely change our lifestyle and our way of thinking about food. We started eating clean and that didn’t worked, did WW and that didn’t work. But this makes more sense than anything on the market. we can and will do it this time!!!!


    Jennifer Daniels
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    Here’s to the first best Monday of the rest of your life. I found that prepping and making enough meals for the week has made me successful. Good luck to both of you


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    Congratulations on taking the first steps on this new healthy journey! So excited for the both of you. Best wishes!


    Joanna Leuschner
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    Right there with you! Going strong on day 1!!



    Yay! Best of luck with the program. Stay consistent and follow it, and you will see results no doubt!


    Joanna Leuschner
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    Brooke, hope your day 1 went well! You can do it! We are all here touting for each other!


    Paula Gunning
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    It’s great that you two are doing this together. Welcome to the group.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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