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    We recently received an e-mail into our support line regarding the concern with how spotty diet programs can be, and how they are hesitant to commit to yet another program with the fear of going through yoyo dieting with no success. There have been many that have seen success with the PS1000 program because it aims to change an individual’s habits for the long term (not the short term) which is in a sense what a good program should be all about. The fear of going through a diet with no success can be scary, but the support and success stories can propel someone forward. What are your words of encouragement, or success for this hesitant individual?


    Kim Parker
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    PS1000 works! I too was VERY hesitant to try this program because I never heard of the program before 2 weeks ago. I stumbled upon it trying to compare the HCG PROGRAM with another program and this popped up on the search engine. I stalled for 2 days before I leap out in faith HOPING this program was the right program for me. Well, I am pleased with my results so far, I love the variety of food and the liquid drops do work. I have to force myself to eat my 1000 calories some days. I’ve been in the program for 1 week now and is down 9 lbs without exercise. I am very happy that I found this program!


    Rachel Fiske
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    Hi, Kim! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. My name is Rachel, and I am one of the resident Nutritionists here. Just wanted to reach and say I’m here to support you, and congratulations on your success so far! Can’t wait to hear more.


    Eva PS1000
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    I have tried HCG, omg the worst thing ever 😀 Glad to have you here 🙂


    Brad Goudie
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    I don’t believe any program can be consistently a loss. There are always go to be peaks, valleys, and plateaus. Many things affect the bodies abilities to process calories. This can be illness, food allergies, workout recovery etc etc. the only constant that is guaranteed is change. As long as we keep our attitudes positive and maintain alertness and commitment the good will outweigh the bad.


    Judalon Smyth
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    I agree with Brad on this. I had success on HCG and that is how I found PS1000 because it is very much like HCG but with natural drops and 1000 cal instead of the 500 cal and more food options allowed. In P1 of HCG I lost 20 lbs (my goal was 30 lbs) and in P2 of HCG I maintained. I went back for round 2 of P1 in HCG to get the last 10lbs and got them off but just as I was about to go into P2 I got called to work a cruise and I just wasn’t able to set point the weight and could not deal with going back into 500 cal and such limited food options. I then ignored it and gained 53 pounds which brought me to PS1000… in P1 of PS1000 I lost 20lbs in P2 I lost another 5lbs and now I have 20-25 lbs to go so am back to P1 again. If I can have a successful P1 and P2 in my 2nd go with PS1000 then I believe I can keep it off.


    Tammy DiCarlo
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    I think a key to get off the yoyo train is to replace old habits with new healthy ones. We all got to this point of being at an unhealthy weight for a reason – for me it was mindless binge eating – sometimes for no reason at all. I believe why this program has worked for me I keep to a pretty regimented food list so it has to be a CHOICE to veer off course. Except for a few slip ups I have done very well. In those times of distress I sought out support from my PS Facebook friends and that really helped me get back in sync. Since many of us live in different time zones- someone is usually posting. Thank you MY FELLOW SLIMMIES !


    Regina Post
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    I’m praying this works. The toto dieting is horrible. And depressing. Yet my quest for yet another program exhibits my determination to be successful. As I say, I pray this is the program. Phase 1 Day 4.


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    I appreciate the comments in this thread that focus on this being a lifestyle change rather than a diet. And as Brad mentioned, ups and downs and staying steady become part of just living day to day instead of yoyo-ing. Keeping motivated to stick with healthy changes is key. Unhealthy habits are not formed overnight – replacing them with healthy habits also takes persistence, dedication and yes – time.


    Todd Smith
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    If there has been a diet out there I guarantee you I have tried it. HCG, its been clinically proven that the drops don’t do anything for you, the weight loss comes from the starvation mode 500 calories a day, all the packaged food diets, don’t teach you how to eat properly nor are our bodies designed to process all of the chemicals and preservatives that are in them.
    I am new to PS1000, but not new to the programs way of eating!
    I once weighed over 490 pounds, and through clean eating and exercise, I mean eating real food like PS1000 suggests, I hit an all time low of 225 pounds a couple of years ago, but because I didn’t continue with my lifestyle change and eating real food and staying active, I slowly worked my way back to 330 pounds. So here I am with PS1000, a program that is designed for success, it’s a complete program with all the tools and support anyone would need. And a lifestyle that that will take inches off of your body and add years to your life.


    Paula Gunning
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    This is my first attempt at a diet program. I began gaining weight in my mid-twenties for no reason and was unable to lose it. It wasn’t until I turned 40 and suffered from fatigue that I was diagnosed with a faulty pituitary gland. The endocrinologist said that I could expect to weigh 400 pounds! It has been a real struggle over the years to keep my weight around 200, especially after bringing two children into the world. Now that I am menopausal, my weight has been creeping up-topping off at 220. Injuries to my left knee and right foot/ankle make exercise difficult, so I’ve finally decided to try a diet program. The approach to eating and support system included in this plan appealed to me.
    After six weeks, I’ve lost and kept off 6 pounds. There have been stretches recently when I’ve lost and regained weight-I’ve been under a great deal of stress and am exercising regularly now. I hope some of this weight is muscle! Even this small yo-yo is discouraging. However, I am beginning to look more toned. My first goal is a modest 10 pounds. After that, I’ll try for another 10, and so on.
    I expect some setbacks and stalls as part of the program. The most promising part of this plan so far is the increased awareness of what I eat and when I eat. Learning to make healthy choices and altering the ratio of carbs/proteins/veggies is what I believe will help me lose and keep off extra weight in the long term. It also sets a good example for my two daughters, who also need to improve their eating habits.
    The three of us will spend nearly a month traveling by car this summer. The principles learned on PS1000 will be tested, but I believe that I can persevere.


    Angie Hofer
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    Hey Todd! I too have done the HCG shots before and find myself doing the “yo-yo” thing as well. I found this program while “googling” for help with HCG. Deep down, I was not really liking the program and found it to be EXTREMELY difficult. I just ordered the PS1000 program and can’t wait to get started! How have the past few weeks been for you after coming from the HCG “background”?

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    I pray this program will be an answer to my prayers. HCG was a good experience for me. I did the program twice–the first was a bad experience because the place I was going did not offer support but the second was awesome and very supportive. I lost weight but more in inches and health was great. My recent weight gain was totally due to my falling into depression at putting my mother into a nursing home. I started to binge eat at night because I had no one to talk to. I gained my weight back and then some. I am hoping that the support will help me succeed with PS1000.


    Chelsey Shaul
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    I did HCG and lost the weight. But as soon as I was done I gained it all back. I know this is all my fault because I can’t seem to stay on track with healthy foods. I hate cooking so take out is way easier. I’m a night nurse so it’s harder for me I think. I snack to stay awake at night I snack because I’m bored. I hate shopping so it’s easier to stop at the gas station. I am truly hoping I can find motivation to keep honest on this program.


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    Hi Chelsey!

    I know the feeling about take out and eating to get you thru your shifts and out of boredom. I have been there and done that numerous times. With chronic depression, it is very difficult not to eat our of despair or boredom, then feel guilty because you are gaining everything you have lost. I have been on numerous diet plans but this time, I made a promise to myself that I was going to learn to eat healthy and stop the diet yoyo’s. I really like this plan. I actually budget some extra calories each day to incorporate into my boredom eating. I still do the eating but have changed what I snack on. I gave up potato chips for carrots, celery and zucchini chips. I also make sure my pantry nor refrigerator has any tempting foods to throw me off. I even keep sugar free jello to eat as a sweet treat before bedtime as it is less than 10 calories. If I can do it, anyone can. I believe you can do it too. Good luck.

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