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    Gina Kotowski
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    As I’ve gotten older I have allowed myself to get completely out of control. I am now 60 points heavier than I should be and it gets more and more difficult to take it off. While I am not a sweet food addict, I am addicted to salt. Anything salty and I can’t control it. I eat out a lot and it just seems to get more and more difficult for me to pick the “right” things. My husband and I are taking a river cruise at the end of July and I really need to lose some of this weight before then.



    Welcome, Gina! You are in the right place. This support forum is wonderful for any questions and concerns you might have. Please let us KNOW if you have ANYthing!


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    Hi Gina – Congrats on joining this group to help you change your lifestyle. The forums on this site and the facebook page are great sources of support, information and inspiration. Wishing you great success!


    Rochelle Vann
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    Hi Gina, Welcome to the group. I am new here also and look forward to taking this journey with you and all the others! Keep us posted!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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