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    Christine Zelinsky
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    I just ordered a supply because I read a report on the most effective weight loss programs, and PS1000 was rated five stars across eight elements. I’m nervous because I have many allergies and I am vegetarian, and recently had my neck fused so I’ve been limited in what I can do excercise wise. I’ve tried and met limited success in weight loss through weight watchers, Beachbody, Plexus, and Thrive. I may feel better energy wise, but the weight sticks. Hopeful that this will help me move beyond energy enriching only programs. Any hints for vegetarians?


    Vanessa Niemi
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    Welcome Christine!!! There is a whole forum for vegetarians so no worries about that. There are a lot of options for you. I used to be a vegetarian and I still eat non meat meals. Some options for you will be smoothies with protein powder, nonfat plain Greek yogurt, eggs (hard boiled are great for transport), raw almonds, a variety of beans (think soups and chili), cottage cheese and hummus. Today I am making cauliflower saffron soup with broccoli added in.
    The recipes are a great start and there are veggie options. The only issue is if you have been surviving on morning star type products. Those are highly processed and a no no. TVP might be an option. You would have to send a note to the program about that. There have been discussions about tofu if you want to check into that.
    I think you will find a lot of options and success will follow! Think health beyond the scale! Even bigger gals can be strong and healthy when tiny folks are completely out of shape. Good luck!


    Brenda modglin
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    Welcome! You will do great! Take it one day at a time. I can’t speak for the companies you tried to lose weight on except Thrive. Thrive is NOT for weight loss. I still take Thrive during my new ps1000 lifestyle because you need a multi-vitamin. Actually, I LOVE THRIVE and will never give it up.
    Happy journey!!!


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    Welcome Christine. Your post sounds a lot like myself. I still get a Plexus vitamins because they are all natural but I was like you….lost initially and then regained. That has been the story of my life. I really like this plan because it is teaching me how to eat correctly and I plan to make this a lifestyle change for myself. You will find great support here as well as on Facebook so be sure to join that page also. Recipes are great on both sites and everyone is ready and willing to help. If I can help anyway, just give me a yell! Again welcome to the last weightloss plan you will ever need! Best of luck to you.

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