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    Shelley GREGORY
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    Lots of big changes this 2016-17 year…
    ~ my husband graduated college and is finishing his first year of teaching = $ coming in!
    ~ our middle daughter got married = $$$ going out!?!
    ~ I’m retiring from teaching in May = big lifestyles changes
    So, it only makes sense to finally make some changes in my life that I’ve blamed on not having
    the time or energy to do…like my health, which has to start with weight loss.

    I’m like most of you…I’ve lost weight with different methods, but I start to feel good and then
    relax my boundaries on what, when and how much I eat and imbibe! I’m hoping with a total “revolution”
    of change in my life I will create my own schedule and create new lifelong habits!

    PS1000 seems very much like another very popular and successful weight loss program….the difference
    being the daily supplements, of which I am counting on being the extra “secret” to my success!

    Here’s to all of us achieving our ultimate goals!!!

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    Shelley – Welcome! This is a great plan and I’d have to say that the support we get on this site and the facebook page is another “secret” to success in addition to the drops. You’re starting out with a great attitude as well. Planning and prepping your meals will be really helpful to following the program. Wishing you the best!


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    Welcome Shelley, you will do great. I did an extremely restricted diet [500 cal] a day and I was constantly hungry. Although I lost the weight but at a cost of loosing muscles. I am one of those people that can’t loose weight, the only time I did was when I went on the HGC diet limiting you to only eat 500 calories. I started with this program and eating double the calories and not hungry and loosing weight at the same time – WHAT!!!! On top of it, I am able to keep up with my workouts and still feel energized. Gook luck and hopefully you will let us know how everything is going.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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