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    Susan Dursi
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    Hi everyone
    I just started program and have some challenging situations. I was wondering if there are anymore members that are in same situation. I travel for my job. I only stay in hotels that have kitchens. I purchase my food when I get there and cook all my meals to avoid eating out. The challenge tends to be on travel days. You can’t plan getting stuck in airport I carry protein bars and almonds but after being stuck for 10 hours, that gets old. Anyone have suggestions or encouragement. I refuse to fail at this- so days that I get stuck I tend to not get enough calories cause there is nothing available. Thanks


    Angel Popowitz
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    Cant you buy hard boiled eggs somewhere in an airport, caribou usually has them. there are lots of places to buy fruit and veggie packs. also, bring a baby formula container that holds a few servings of powder and a blender bottle in your carryon. then you can make a shake on the go anytime! you could prepare salad dressing and order salads at the restaurants but then use your own dressing. good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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