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    Shams Madhani
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    Hi Jeasica, I will be starting Phase 2 this Friday. I was wondering if there are any new foods allowed on this phase that are not in the book. Could you please share them? I know sweet potatoes and whole grain bread and oatmeal is allowed. How about lentils, quinoa, brown rice. Any other flour besides almond. Is coconut flour allowed? Thanks dear.


    Jessica Romeo
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    I saw your question on Facebook 🙂 Still working on figuring out lentils, quinoa and rice…I am thinking they will be just fine, especially since whole grain bread is allowed.

    I will keep you posted !


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    have we got an updade on this?


    Cory L
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    Quinoa? Please say yes!!


    Trish Featherston
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    Hi Jessica! Did you ever sort out the quinoa, lentils, and rice question? And thank you for all the support you provide to us. -Trish



    Hi Everyone,

    Answering the famous Lentils, Quinoa, and Rice question: Lentils are a legume so they are allowed on the program in Phase 1. Quinoa is a GREAT food, but it is too high in calories so it is NOT allowed in Phase 1. You can eat it in Phase 2 when you are adding 500 additional calories to your day. Rice is also not an approved food in Phase 1. Cauliflower rice is okay, and there is a recipe for that up top in the recipes tab!

    Hope this helps,


    Mary Copeland
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    Can you use rice on Phase 2?



    You can supplement 500 calories of whatever you choose on Phase 2

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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