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    Sarah Vail
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    Hello, all!
    I started last week and have lost 5.5 already! This is amazing, even if it’s water or whatever, because I’ve been trying everything for two years and have steadily gained weight! I’ll be 49 in February, so I get that my age has something to do with it, but I exercise a lot and still gain. Last week I was at my all time high of 222-more than my highest pregnancy weight! Ideal for me is about 175, but I’d be happy in the low 180’s, and pretty psyched just to get under 200, to be honest.
    After finishing one week I can see that more than anything the discipline is making a difference. I’m taking lots of vitamins, have a workable plan for getting all my water, and am checking in with the FB page to keep my focus on the plan. I only felt bad for a day or so, headache and tired, and now am feeling clearheaded and great! I’ve given myself until February vacation (I’m a teacher) to avoid nights out and “cheats” so I can really get my feet under me with this way of eating, but it’s already feeling like habit. For me, having a definite date goal to reach is helpful. Also, that date is my last day at my school before moving to a new job, so I do plan to take one night to celebrate and give myself permission to be okay with that.
    I took last week off from heavy exercise, but tomorrow plan to begin back with some weight training 3 times a week.
    Now I’m off to research recipes and read other posts!
    I’m attaching my terrible pictures, for accountability sake. My apologies!

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    Jennifer Daniels
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    We are all here for you. Like you I’m starting my 2 week 11.7 pounds lighter. When I turned 50 I have just continued to balloon. For me getting below 180 would be great because for the past year when ever I got close to 180 my weight would stop turn and go up. I’m at 191.1 and marching forward. I to am learning healthy habits that even if my weight stalls will still be better in the long run. My goal is 150 and we will get there together. Good luck fellow week 2er ?


    Linda O’Brien
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    Day 2 and down 3 pounds…okay, it may be water weight…but so happy to see scale going the other way. Going to make cabbage rolls tonight.


    Sarah Vail
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    finishing week two down 8 until today. Up one!? No reason for that, as my foods and water have been perfect. I did add a little weight lifting, so I’m hoping that’s the culprit. I’m visiting my parents for the night, which will be a big food challenge, but after seeing that pound, there is no way I’ll mess up!
    I’ve had a terrible time getting my weight under control, so my fear is that I got all I can out of the drops and low calories. I promised myself six weeks, so I’ll do it, but I am nervous…

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    The scale is a useful tool but don’t let the number be all consuming. I also went up slightly after adding weights to my exercise routine but I was told that building muscle increases your metabolism. Just follow the plan and you will continue to look and feel better. Start building up some non-scale victories. You Can Do It!


    Sarah Vail
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    I am, I’m just nervous about the losses continuing.I’ve read so much about low calorie diets damaging metabolism and at 48 I don’t need mine to slow down any more!
    I do feel good, and that’s enough to keep me going for the moment! Thanks!

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