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    Lindsay Johnson
    Karma Coins: 510

    Hi! I just signed up and I don’t know what I’m doing lol wish me luck.


    Lisa B
    Karma Coins: 2 110

    Me too! Going grocery shopping today. Good luck!


    Lenita Johnson
    Karma Coins: 475

    Hi there! I’m new as well. I’ve tried many diets. I am really looking for lifestyle change now. Good luck to you guys!


    Coleen Schappi
    Karma Coins: 475

    Right there with ya!! Good luck with the program, I’m excited to get started!


    Lisa B
    Karma Coins: 2 110

    So far – so good. Down 9.2 lbs in week one. I do wish these forums were also manned by PS1000 nutritionists as well though. I posted to the substitutions thread and …. nothing. It’s nice that we can support each other, but some expert advice would also be helpful.


    Kim Hoff
    Karma Coins: 670

    I thought having access to a Coach was part of it? I am new and have many questions?


    Val Dugie
    Karma Coins: 415

    OK, read through the material and getting ready to start in on the new plan and lifestyle change. Here we go… 🙂


    Cory Barnidge
    Karma Coins: 340

    Hey I am a new comer. I have been getting everything ready to include mentally ready and will start on Monday 9/10. Wish me luck and I look forward to support and a lot of weight loss 🙂


    Tina Campbell
    Karma Coins: 935

    Hi, I am a new comer as well. I have not received my packet yet. I am trying to get mentally ready as well.


    Trina C
    Karma Coins: 3 754

    Hi everyone. I’ve been away. I am here to start fresh as I know this program works if you don’t self sabotage you efforts. I wish you all success, not luck. I know we can all make our lives better, healthier and that everything we’re looking forward to achieving can happen for each of us. We got this.


    Caroline McKeon
    Karma Coins: 375

    I am brand new … went to the doc’s Tuesday and I am at my highest weight ever in my life. Very disturbing. I forgot to tell them I am allergic to eggs so I am waiting to hear back. I live in sunny Florida

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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