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    An update on my previous post. I forgot to mention that I did not follow any of the menu plans but used them as a guide to create my own menus. I made a 7 day menu for myself from the approved foods so that I could have all the ingredients on hand and prepared some foods in advance as best I could. This made it so much easier and gave me more freedom and variety. I never tired of any of the foods on the list as most of them I already was eating. I did miss eating potatoes, corn, rice, breads, cheese and popcorn but after awhile I added some of that back in on a very limited basis after the first 90 days. I do recommend getting rid of all the bad food in your house, chips, crackers, snack foods, cookies in other words what is not on the list as it is too easy to fall back to old habits as I sometimes did. It helps if you are married or have a partner as I do that likes all the foods as mine did and she also lost weight and felt healthier even if she didn’t take any of the drops. So this is my journey and I can say unlike any other plan I went on this one actually works for me. Enjoy your own journey. I will update again once I have lost that extra 15 pounds.

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