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    One year ago I started the plan by purchasing the platinum program. I started out at 255 pounds and finished at 204 pounds and then plateaued at 210 pounds since then. This is a fantastic program if you follow it exactly. I must say I did not always and as the program says if you go off plan you will gain weight back so you must really be committed. It took me 9 months to loose the 50 pounds because of my ups and downs so you learn quickly or not to maintain the recommended foods. The program says you can have alcohol but really I recommend against that , when I did have a drink or 2 I had no resistance and ended up over eating or eating the wrong foods. Yes there are times you need to go and eat at a restaurant but you will pay the price no matter how healthy you think your choices are. I am eating much healthier since the plan and able to maintain at 207-10. However I still need to loose 15-20 pounds to be at my ideal weight for a person who is 6 foot 1 inch. So I again ordered more drops and am on my way to loose the final 10-20 pounds if I can stabilize at 195 I will be very happy. Have gone from size 42 pants to size 36 xxl shirts are now large a size 50 jacket is now 44 so you can see the results are great and everyone says I have never looked better. Oh and by the way I am 65.
    So I will update one more time after the 20 pounds are off.

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