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    Lins Josh
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    Please provide some sample meal plans. Running out of ideas to get required 1000 cals.



    Hi there,
    The sample menu plans are located in the member store tab of this website. Scroll all of the way to the bottom, and then you will see 4 options available!


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    Paula Gunning
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    A good cookbook will includes recipe that use foods from the approved list as well as nutritional and calorie information. Other recipes will fit this plan with only a little tweeking.


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    There are also recipes as well as grocery list and a weekly food planner on the Facebook page. They are under the tab “More” at the top of page, then a list of posts will be provided. Good luck to you!


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    Here is a sample of my breakfast if that helps:

    Breakfast Calories Carbs[g] Fat[g] Protein[g]
    ANS – Diablo Protein, 165 6 2 30
    1.5 scoop (28g)

    Amazing Grass – Green 15 2 1 1
    Superfood Powder,
    0.5 scoop

    Nescafe Rich – Instant 10 1 0 0
    Hazelnut Coffee

    Generic – Silk Pure 45 1 6 3
    Almond Unsweetened
    Vanilla Almond Milk,
    2.5 cup

    All this total to 285 calories

    The link below is a good place to start, it helps you see how much calories you are consuming based on what you have entered

    Hope that helps


    Trina C
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    Lol. Just saw this after I posted my amazing discovery about menus in the members store. Lol. I guess I need to read a bit more to avoid duplicating the same info. Sorry everyone.

    Trina C

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