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    Dona Wilkins
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    Hi, am just writing to introduce myself. I’m Dona, and I am looking to lose 64 pounds, and, coincidentally, am 64 years young! Until the Change hit, I spent my life being extremely underweight, and could eat anything and everything that I wanted without having to worry about it. I have also always been a sugar-holic, and I believe this will be my biggest challenge: to stay off the sugar! When I began to gain some weight in my mid 40’s, I was not too concerned, as I looked better with some extra weight on me. I also was a lifelong smoker, and tried MULTIPLE times to quit, also when in my mid-40’s. Each time I would quit, I would compensate for not smoking by eating, and my weight went up each time. Then I would get disgusted with my weight, and start smoking again, in order to lose those pounds. Never completely lost it all, though, so my weight began creeping up on me. FINALLY, four years ago, I was able to quit permanently, and of course, the weight went up again! Not ever having to diet before in my life, I was not educated in counting calories or exercising, and had no knowledge in what to do. I have half-heartedly tried different diets, Weight Watchers, DietBet, and also used a local company to deliver healthy meals. That one did work, but when I stopped using that (pretty expensive) company, the weight came right back, because I hadn’t really learned how to eat properly, and to make healthy eating a priority. A few months ago, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and high cholesterol. I also have significant osteoarthritis in my knees and this extra weight definitely is not helping. I walk slower than my friends, look like a little old lady going up or down stairs, and generally dislike the way I look. I used to be able to wear any type of clothes. Now I have to wear clothes to hide my once svelt figure, as there is no “svelt” there anymore! If I don’t take action, I will eventually become a diabetic, have to have knee surgery (which I am fighting), and have anywhere from 5 to 10 years before I end up with a stroke or a heart attack! SO, with these options that are less than desirable, I began researching the best diet plans. I have not heard of PS1000 before, but it came out on a website that this was number 1, so started reading about it, and also clients’ testimonials. I am one of those people who have to be given exact instructions on what to do, and I am then able to follow it. What I like so far is that this teaches us how to eat clean, and shows us how to begin the habit of healthy eating. My grown son is also going to eat the foods that I am preparing. Although he is not overweight, he, like his mom, eats WAY too much fast and junk food, and needs to get out of that habit now, so he can live a good, healthy life. From what I’ve read, it takes a little while to receive the drops and booklet, so am going to begin the sample menu towards the end of the week. (We are in the Midwest, where there is a bit of an ice buildup happening, so will lay low for a couple of days, until this thaws.) Anyway, didn’t mean to make this so long, and I hope that you all aren’t put off by reading too long a post! I am very happy to have made the decision for a lifestyle change, and looking forward to getting started! Take care, and looking forward to hearing from you all!


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    Day 3 for me and the biggest challenge is planning meals. I just saw that the two eggs for breakfast protein are also my father so rhee goes the almonds for snack. It’s a learning curve. I’very lost a pound, fell good, so far no unbearable cravings. I like frozen grapes so that helps when the urge comes. Middle age brought on lots of changes for me too. Good luck.


    Dona Wilkins
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    Thanks, Beverly, think I’ll start with the Week 1 menu, then start planning my meals. Going to use to help me in counting calories, and in making sure I am hitting all of the goals. Am very excited to start! Just waiting for the ice to thaw, so I can shop for my first week! Saw that my order has been shipped today! That’s faster than I expected!


    Tonya Boyd
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    I understand the not knowing how to eat. We grew up with just enough to eat and were super active. I never had to worry about weight (weighed 99 pounds when I graduated high school). Started gaining after I got a sedentary job and could buy more than enough. Once I realized I had a problem, I struggled to figure out how to eat healthy. I don’t have that excuse anymore but I do feel you.


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    Dona- So excited for you and this new healthier journey you are embarking on! Best Wishes for great success. I finished week three today and have a challenge for week four as I am out of state staying with family. I got some very basic menus and went shopping today for things that will keep me on the plan. I know I will have some days that will be off program but my goal is to maintain the nice loss I have so far. Here’s to planning for a positive outcome!


    April Larkin
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    I am 64 years young too. 7 months ago I decided I needed to lose weight and get healthy. I had a brain hemorrhage 2 years ago and almost died. High blood pressure. We live in Mexico for 6 months so I wanted to look and feel good when we returned. July 01 I started. Sugaraholic and carb overload. 5 days I had a headache. I lose weight very slow. Always thin , like you, I could eat the fridge. Then age 37 I started to put weight on. Never could lose it. Gradually year by year increased. It was hard for me to do this but I was focused. I started pilates and was so scared of falling, no strength and the oldest person on class. But I did it…Reached my goal and now only stick to the good food. I have no cravings. Think of this a lifestyle change….You can do it

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