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    Hi, Not sure if I should introduce myself here or face book so may do both. I started about the 2nd week in January. Really confused at first, took me an hour to figure my food for the next day. It was pretty blah until I got some recipes together and learned new ways to flavor and prepare. Anyway, lost 20 pounds in first month. Also started going to gym 3 days a week, walking on my treadmill 30 minutes the days not at gym. Did a yoga routine to loosen up and some hand weights for about 20 minutes. At the gym I do 30 minute classes on abs, legs, back ect. I take Sunday off, not the food but the exercise. For the last 2+ weeks I am losing and gaining the same 6 pounds. I think I am eating the same. I added calories if I did cardio, so most days about 1200. I can’t believe I am in starvation mode. Clothes are looser and looser but not weight. Some say its because muscle weighs more than fat.
    I am 73 years old and have about 60 lbs total to loose. I wonder if I should go back to bare broccoli and a slab of barbecued fish? Cannot stand yogurt, tried several different, even went to honey yogurt but finally stopped using the shakes and recipes that called for yogurt. Any suggestions? Also get canker sours with a lot of lemon or vinegar which seem to be in all salad dressings we can make. Any suggestions on that? Would really like to hear from any of you.


    Jennifer Daniels
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    Welcome and you should use both this forum and the Facebook page. Have you increased both the drops and your calories it could be that with the amount of exercise you are doing you need more calories to lose. If you are losing inches then I would say keep doing what you are doing and the weight loss will catch up. There is also a plateau breaker in the book you could try. 20 pounds in one month is great. Celebrate that victory and the number on the scale will take care of its self. Congratulations again and we are here for you


    Vanessa Niemi
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    Hi Lulu! Jennifer is correct, your weight loss thus far is outstanding! It always comes off “easier” at first and slows down. I ended up asking my husband to lock the scale away so that I could focus on different successes. I tend to let my mental health be ruled by a number on the scale – which isn’t healthy and that number doesn’t necessarily measure health.
    Are you eating better? YES! Are you exercising more? YES! Try and think about how much better you feel and the pride in taking care of yourself. The weight will come, but try exploring other markers of success.
    As far as food goes I would play with seasonings. Even going back to the basic salt and pepper will help. I don’t like plain non fat Greek yogurt typically but I use it a lot now with modifications. I put it on canned tuna and add salt and pepper and a dash of lemon. I add celery for crunch. For extra flavor and bulk I put low fat cottage cheese on my salads. Try making a dill vingarette or raspberry vinaigrette for your salad. Add some cut up almonds. Maybe olives on the salad. I hate plain lettuce and vinegar. I also have to dress up the lettuce and the vinegar. Fresh herbs are probably your best friend. Another trick is to use the brine from your favorite pickled or canned veggie. I do a lot of preserving of my garden so I have a lot of choices. You can do it in the store though. Pickled Gardenia veggies would be awesome on a salad. You could make a homemade ranch dressing using yogurt. Look on the package and try to recreate it.
    I know it can be intimidating but it can also be a joy. Cooking is creative and artistic and even a self esteem booster!
    If you have any questions send me a message and I can help with specific recipes. I LOVE to cook so I’m more comfortable without detailed recipes. I can work on some for you though.

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