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    Paula Gunning
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    I’ve just started using a fitness DVD for the overweight, and I really like it. It is led by four modestly dressed, plus-sized women.
    I bought it at +Plus Size Cardio and Weight Training Home Fitness Collection by Louise Green (Body Exchange, Canada)
    There is a 5 minute warm-up, 18 minutes (beginner) or 33 minutes (intermediate) of cardio and weight training intervals, and a 5 minute cool-down.
    The intervals are timed. You are encouraged to do the exercises at your own pace, following one of three intensity levels (seated, moderate, high impact) based on your fitness.
    I broke a sweat following the seated intensity level on a day when my damaged joints just couldn’t handle anything more vigorous. I felt great for the rest of the day.
    I also bought a set of exercise DVDs called Keeping Fit in Your 50s: workout essentials for a changing body. There are 3 DVDs-Flexibility (40 min. pilates/yoga), Strength (40 min. weight training/abs), and Aerobics (30 min.) I haven’t tried them yet; I think I may need to work up to them by using the Plus Size DVD and Sweatin’ to the Oldies with Richard Simmons. I’ll let you know what I think of them when I’m able.
    There were also quite a few exercise DVDs for seniors. I may try some of those next. I like variety.



    WOW! Thank you for sharing your info…. so helpful….

    Isn’t is amazing how good we feel after a workout!


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    Paula – This is great! I love variety too and so do our bodies. When we stay with one routine for too long our smart bodies adapt and the fat burning slows down. I mix up my routines every 4-6 weeks so I love finding new workouts to challenge myself. Thanks for sharing what you have found. Enjoy those workouts!!


    Terrie Richards
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    My ultimate goal is to conquer the Zumba 🙂 After some of my weight is gone, a galpal of mine and I are going to take dance lessons. She wants us to salsa!!
    Thanks for the share. Didn’t realize that they made video workouts for plus-sized people so I will definitely be looking for those.


    Trina C
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    Chris and Heidi Powell from Extreme Body Makeover have some great YouTube videos geared for anyone that has a weight struggle or hasn’t led an active life style. Uses your own body weight and encourages and motivate you every step of the way. He is the trainer for the show and teaches people with hundreds of pounds to lose how to meet their goals by starting at their fitness level and working up to harder more challenging activities as their abilities improve. It’s free and easy to find. Just punch in Chris Powell beginner workout.

    Trina C


    Trish Featherston
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    Thank you all for sharing these great ideas!


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    I wanted to try Zunba as well. Not comfortable yet doing it with a group but having fun following a few on youtube. Isn’t technology wonderful? My next goal is to find a local class and make some Zumba friends. It will be an enormous step forward for me.

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