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    Sheila Johnson
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    I am ready to start this journey and should receive my package this week! Does anyone have a first time shopping list they could share?


    Vanessa Niemi
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    Hi Sheila! Welcome!! So it is all based on what you like to eat. Look at the recipes on the website. There are great ideas. If you don’t like cooking go simple. Also factor in snacks and portable meals.
    This might be a sample grocery list for snacks and simple meals:
    Raw veggies like carrots and celery
    Raw almonds
    Fruit (we can eat two servings a day)
    Wasa crackers
    Cottage cheese
    Nonfat Greek yogurt (also great for morning smoothies!)
    Protein powder
    Multi vitamin
    Eggs for hard boiled – egg salad or deviled eggs. HB are very portable!

    Other food:
    Base this off of recipes that look good to you!
    Pick some proteins that you can throw in the freezer. Lean proteins would be fish, chicken, and shrimp. Buy wild caught not farmed.
    The shepherds pie was amazing with ground turkey
    Last night I did ground turkey and black beans.
    Think healthy fats – avocado and olive oil and the fruits of those oils.
    I love black olives in my cottage cheese. Weird but yummy.

    Also your old recipes might still be okay with substituting. There is a forum on that!

    Good luck!!! Write us with any questions. If you look on the store website there are two free weekly menus with grocery lists attached. The above list is just for my own staples.



    The approved foods list in the book acts as a shopping list! That will really help guide you once the program comes in the mail!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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