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    wendy chandler
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    Hi everyone, me and my husband will be starting this adventure very soon. I am very apprehensive because I am not a veggie eater and hate salad so this is going to be difficult for me but I can do anything I put my mind to at least thats what i tell myself. I will be stalking this forum for ideas and help on a regular basis im sure.


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    Wendy – welcome to the program. you will find lots of recipes that can fulfill your veggie quota without feeling like all you are eating is salad. The amount of protein we can eat plus the fruits, vegetables and healthy fats will keep you full and satisfied. It’s all a matter of balance. Use the forums on this site and the facebook page for support and inspiration. We are all rooting for you!


    Vanessa Niemi
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    Hi Wendy! Welcome. Robyn is on the nose. There are plenty of options out there. Do you like hummus? You could dip raw veggies in there. Use nonfat Greek yogurt to make your own dip – try adding fresh dill and a little lemon and salt to the yogurt. Makes a yummy veggie dip. Mash up cooked cauliflower for a play on mashed potatoes and make a shepherds pie (recipe on site). If you have a veggie you can tolerate send me a note and I’ll give you ideas. I was a vegetarian for years and I love to cook so I can come up with some ideas for you. We are all here to help one another!!



    Welcome, Wendy! There are so many options minus salads and veggies so do ask the Facebook Support group (if you are on Facebook) as there are a lot of ideas circulating around there for fun ways to get nutrients.. If you have any questions please ask!


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