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    Sally Maher
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    I started the program 1/28/2017 with a great attitude. I am a very slow loser, and it took 6 weeks to lose 10 lbs, although I did lose inches. I had many occasions since that I was “off-program” but was able to get right back the next day, and as a result lost no weight for the week, but also did not gain back anything. And then Easter came, and I started sneaking candy back into my diet. Then it was a piece of cake here and there. And then I started snacking at night. My husband and I just spent a week in Italy and celebrated our 40th anniversary this Memorial Day weekend and all my old habits are back in force. So today I am ordering 3 more bottles of the drops and rebooting my mindset to restart. We are going on a big cruise this summer to celebrate our Anniversary so I have to get back in the right state of mind quickly. I have to say that when I am not eating according to the program I don’t feel as well as I do on the program. So wish me luck – today I start over!!!!!



    Stay the course! Thanks for being so transparent… if you have any questions along the way please don’t hesitate to reach out!




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    Hi Sally – I started strong as well – right around the same time you did. Then I had three deaths in our family and the birth of a premature grandchild and I slid back to old habits. I rededicated myself a few weeks ago and have enjoyed a nice loss in weight and inches. I too realized how much better I felt when I stuck to the allowed foods. Eating healthy is a lifestyle change that I want to solidify so that when I hit the inevitable bumps in the road, I will be able to stay on task. Best wishes for your success!!

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