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    New recipes are very fun to incorporate into a clean diet program, in hopes that you will add variety to your cooking regime. We would love to hear what your favorite diet approved recipes are, and how to make them! We obviously have wonderful access to the delicious recipes on, so branch outside of the website. Share the love with the fellow readers! 1.2.3. GO!

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    Kathy Mascio
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    My favorite recipe is ground turkey, onions, cabbage, and homemade marinara sauce all sautéed together until the cabbage is soft! Great on a cold winter day.


    Rachel Fiske
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    That sounds delicious, Kathy! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    Eva PS1000
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    My favorite healthy option is zucchini noodles with shrimp. I learned that I can find substitutions to pretty much everything and over time don’t even miss the “original”.


    Tammy DiCarlo
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    Not being a cook – some of the. Creative recipes that PSlosers put together amaze me. I have been on this plan for a year and by nature am not a vegetable eater. I have found that I eT zucchini noodles everyday in one firm or another. So crisp in a salad or cooked in a variety of meals, soup, marinara sauce, as a side with chicken etc


    Jessica Romeo
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    Yes! Zucchini noodles are amazing! I also enjoy spiralizing butternut squash and creating noodles with that as well, it tends to be a bit firmer so increase the cooking time a tad and voila another healthy alternative to noodles! Personally one of my go to healthy recipes is making a large salad full of colorful veggies and topped with some delicious meat like grilled flank steak or roasted chicken and then drizzled with oil and vinegar. This makes eating a lot of vegetables so much easier for me!


    Rosalinda Palacios
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    One of the tasty meals I enjoy quite a bit (and so fast & easy to make as well as being a ‘1 skillet’ meal), is sliced skinless chicken breast and diced zucchini, with onions, garlic, salt, and a tiny bit of cumin (optional, as not everyone likes this spice) and sliced tomatoes. If I am in the mood for a spicier version, I stir in about 1/4 can of Rotel. Seriously delicious!


    Brad Goudie
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    The shrimp and zucchini noodles has defintely been one of my favorite.


    Sherri Friesen
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    My sister-in-law has been on a low carb diet for awhile, and she made this delicious “rice” from grated cauliflower! Add egg and veggies (with low sodium soy sauce, if allowed) and it is very close to fried rice.


    Brad Goudie
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    Jessica, I love butternut squash. I plan on spiralizing some today. How do you cook/season yours? Thanks in advance.


    Lynnette Stevens
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    I love mexican food so I found a recipe on Pinterest for Cauliflower Tortillas. I put beans (your favorite kind) and spices in my food processor and blend, then add to the Cauliflower Tortillas with lettuce and tomatoes.


    Jessica Romeo
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    I like to use the butternut squash in things like “Thai” style recipes that I would normally use zucchini in, for example they would taste great in place of the zoodles in this recipe: I need to experiment some more with them and create some new recipes because I think they can be pretty versatile!


    Jane Lyons
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    That sounds so delish. Are we aloud to eat Rotell tomatoes phase 1
    Let me know. Because I am making it
    Thank you


    Jessica Romeo
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    I looked up the ingredients in Rotel and though it is relatively fine…it does contain a couple more ingredients than just using a can of diced tomatoes mixed with a can of green chilis. The biggest thing I saw was that the sodium was very high for a relatively small serving. If you have already used it no big deal at all! I am just letting you know that in the future maybe just attempt to create your own Rotel in order to avoid that 🙂 Have you made the cauliflower tortillas yet because they sound amazing!


    Cassie Giddings
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    Hi Jessica, Can we do butternut squash in phase one?

    FYI, I made flanks steak and served it alongside ratatouille, yummy
    All ps1000 approved foods! Husband liked it too!

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