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    Linda O’Brien
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    Hey everyone!
    I wanted to share with you my new ‘go to’ salad dressing and spicer upper: Salsa! Right now I have really taken a liking to Salsa Verde–the green one. No fat. 1 gm of sugar in 2 tbsp. And 10 calories. It does have 200mg sodium which is not the best but a tablespoon (100gm sodium) on my salad or on my veggies really picks up the taste. I checked a red salsa that we have on hand: the same serving size has 10 calories, 1gm of sugar, and 230mg sodium and no fat.

    Compare this to a Ranch dressing my husband likes: 2 tbsp. has 15 gm fat, 290mg sodium, and a gm of sugar and 140 calories
    A Classic Caesar in the frig has 12gm of fat, 320mg sodium, and 1 sugar and 110 calories
    A zesty Italian in the frig has 7gm fat, 80 calories, 340gm sodium, and 4 gm of sugar


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    A wonderful idea! I make my own salsa so the sodium is much lower. Thanks for sharing!


    Paula Gunning
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    If I’m the mood for guacamole, I mash up an avocado and add salsa for zip. It’s a great snack and makes two servings.



    Such a great snack! YUM

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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