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    stephanie bryant
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    I will be starting on Monday July 3rd don’t have any support . I am a single mom of 2 kids. So if anyone would like to start with me or be a buddy let me know.


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    I have been putting this off for months. I would like to buddy but don’t have my shit together yet (food ). I have tomorrow so should read some menus and get started.Ugg! Anyhow, I will be in touch for any support I can give. I’m single with no human kids. 3 loving furry boys. I’m starting a new nursing job on the 10th so am stressed out. Maybe the distraction will be good.


    Trish Featherston
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    Hi Stephanie! Even if you don’t find a buddy, be sure and check the forums here and the facebook page if you’re on facebook, as often as you can. You’ll find lots of encouragement and support, as well as plenty of answers to questions that may come up. This is the best change in habits I’ve ever done, and I like that it can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. And you’ll be setting a great example in eating habits for your children! Best of luck!


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    Hi Stephanie. I am Sandy. I will be starting tomorrow too. I got the stuff in the mail and went grocery shopping today. I am as ready as I will be. I will do my weigh in tomorrow and do the measurements. I think I will just weigh once a week. I will be glad to buddy up with you. I have 30 to lose …how about you?


    Tiffany Brush
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    Hi! I’m behind you by a few weeks as I just ordered and waiting for the package to arrive before officially starting. But I am also a single mom with 3 kids so I understand the struggle and would love to be a support to you and vise versa! How has it been going?


    Mary LaFrancois
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    Hi Stephanie, I will be starting on Monday too. I would greatly appreciate if we were buddies, I do much better with some accountability. Not sure how we do the buddy thing, let me know how you would like to be connected. My name is Mary.

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