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    Lynn Fitzgerald
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    I’ve been on Phase 1 for 6 weeks. The last 2 weeks, the scale hasn’t moved at all!!! The first 4 weeks I lost 12 lbs. HELP!!! What should I do. Tomorrow I’m doing the VLCD. I’m really sticking to the 2 different phase 1 menu plans. I’m not cheating. I’m not drinking anything but one green tea (no sugar) in the morning, and lots of lemon water all day. Any suggestions??/ I’m really frustrated and need to see some movement on that D*** scale!


    Jennifer Daniels
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    Try adding some exercise into your day. Maybe some walking. I lost 11 pounds the first week and then I slowed but I walk 4 miles a day and even though the weight lost is not as remarkable as week one it is still there. I think the exercise is keeping me albeit slowly moving the scale.


    Paula Gunning
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    I lost 4 lbs. my first week. Week 2 I started exercising, but got into a high stress situation and actually GAINED weight-2 lbs.. The third week I started losing again – 3 lbs. I’m now in week four. I think stress hormones inhibit weight loss. Another thought-is you body in starvation mode? If you are consuming too few calories, your body may be fighting you. I really don’t have any answers; I’m watching the scale move slowly, too.


    Linda O’Brien
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    My second week and trying to follow the meal plan and I have a regular exercise routine but I was up half a pound yesterday and still there today. 🙁 Will hang on but the temptation for a handful of chips or some of the cookies and other things my husband has laying around is there.

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