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    Jennifer Daniels
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    Well as I enter week 11 I have lost 34.6 pounds. I asked myself how do I know that this is a lifestyle and not a diet? A diet is something that you do for a short time to achieve a goal. A lifestyle is a way of life that is natural to who you are and how you want to live. My 91 year old mother died last Tuesday and I remember a time that I would have wanted to eat or ever drank my pain away but because of this program and the new found strength that I have discovered I got on my treadmill and ran my pain away. I was then able with a clear mind to celebrate life both my moms and my own. This program and the support from people that I do not even know has been everything to me. I put on my size 6 pants and actually had someone tell me I look really skinny. I know that people must be thinking that I should be more upset but if you knew my mom and how close we were you would understand that she is celebrating my victories and my happiness from a place of glory. I have this week and next and then I transition to phase two and I can hardly wait to lock in the progress I have made. I have no intention of ever going back and I will always be around to help motivate encourage and maybe even inspire anyone who believes there is a better person just waiting to be born.


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    Wow Jennifer – This was so inspiring to read. Congratulations on your progress!. I recently lost three close family members and I know that the grieving process is highly personal and handled differently by everybody. I too received amazing support from this group – people I have never met but share in much of what I struggle with. I hope you DO continue to celebrate the life your mother lived with additional successes of your own that she would have loved to share with you. You are an amazing person!

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