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    Kim Spinner
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    So it’s Day # 5 of week 1 ( 2nd time around Phase 1) and I am down 7 pounds. It feels good to be back on track again and shedding pounds. Looking forward to continuing this journey and feeling better every step of the way! 3 more pounds to reach Goal #1. I set my goals in 10 pound increments but every pound shed is a victory! Be blessed~


    Linda O’Brien
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    Hello everyone!
    I am going to start my second go-round too. Just ordered my drops. I did so well the first time! I started in January of last year and lost 20 pounds before summer and felt great. Kept it off for months but little by little started to slip. My husband has an aggressive cancer and the more he lost, the more I seemed to gain. Now I have gained back 12 pounds and since I am short, I will not fit into my summer clothes with that extra weight. My husband is in remission and it is time to let the stress ease a bit and to take care of myself again. Not that he is out of the woods; he is not. This cancer cannot be cured but we have at least a little time for recovery until he starts a new chemo regimen this summer. But at least we are away from daily appointments and lab draws and infusions and just yesterday he drove again.

    I sure loved feeling good and feeling slim. I want that back again!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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