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    Vanessa Niemi
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    Today was exactly a month from when my husband measured me. I had lost 11 pounds during that time. I had already been on the plan a few days so I’ve actually lost over 15 pounds total. My measurements looked great! I lost everywhere except my bicep. I have a long way to go but it is promising. I can tell I’m losing by little things – like not needing to squeeze sideways through the baby gate. And looking down and seeing mostly my chest not mostly my belly. Feels amazing.
    A friend stopped over for dinner and I think she might sign up! Although weight loss and losing inches is a great goal I’m just happy to be Moving towards a HEALTHY lifestyle. I want my friends healthy too!
    THANKS PS1000!!!!! And thanks to all of my friends and support people here!


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    Way to go Vanessa! Congratulations and keep up the great work. Kudos for sharing the healthy lifestyle with your friends too.


    Vanessa Niemi
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    Thanks! I am very excited to get healthy. I’m starting to exercise this week. I will be able to focus on strength and fitness goals more than weight goals. I just needed to start!


    Jennifer Daniels
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    Congratulations on your great success. I knew you could do it so I hope you are celebrating this victory while you tackle you next milestone.


    Vanessa Niemi
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    Thanks! Last night was my first day back at the gym. My trainer did all of the strength and endurance testing to get my baseline. Some exercises were a bit embarrassing and I caught myself feeling a little ashamed and bad about it. But then I said NO! This is just me today. I am working on this and I’m only going to get better. There is no reason to feel bad. The highlight was my leg press test. I pushed 460 pounds!! Go me! I also have an amazing trainer who keeps me accountable and helps me with nutrition and lifestyle. It’s great to have someone else in my corner.


    Doreen Harvey
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    Finished my second week, eating what the plan says but hard to get past the 850 cal total mark andI burn off 250 cal every lunch on my treadmill.
    Haven’t even cheated once or strayed. I totally gave up my beer, cream in my coffee and more importantly BREAD!
    First week I lost 8lbs and 3.5 inches. Scale DID NOT move the second week, but lost 6.5 inches. I realize that muscle weighs more than fat and that is what I’m telling myself. I am sooo tired by mid afternoon.
    The weight should be coming off a bit faster, am I not on the right track?

    Disappointed but relieved on the change with the measurements.


    Kleines63 Anonymous
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    That’s great on lose! I haven’t measures myself yet but I don’t think I’ve lost inches just pounds but to me that’s just as good.
    Keep up the grwat job!


    Angela Demma
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    Congrats to you. That is great progress.

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