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    An e-mail came through our support line today regarding weight fluctuation, and when it may end. There are many factors to weight fluctuation and some of them are water weight, excess salt intake, meal digestion, constipation, and hormonal changes. Have any of you experienced this, and if so what have you done to see a more consistent result? The truth is, many people experience this, so it is not uncommon and you are not alone!

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    Judalon Smyth
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    I don’t know if they are avoidable for all the variables mentioned above. Certainly following the program as much to letter as possible should help minimize them, but I think they are a part of the process and I try to embrace them and trust that I will move through and beyond them.


    Jessica Romeo
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    I definitely see weight fluctuations especially since I am close to my goal weight, so everything is more obvious. Initially when I had a lot to lose, the weight came off very very easily. The last 10 pounds can be frustrating because the body often wants to be set at that weight and you have to work even harder to get over the plateau. I have started weighing myself every other week instead of every week. Personally this works for me because the scale can really get in my head. I also avoid times of the month when my hormones are crazy. Those times females typically gain 3-5 pounds of increased water weight, so keep that in mind while figuring out what works best for you as far as stepping on the scale goes.


    Sherri Friesen
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    I have a question about digestion……I hear that on this plan one needs to include a LOT of water , but I also heard that drinking water with or near meals can dilute the digestive enzymes which slows digestion. Is this true, and, if so, how would one time water intake to have less of an impact?


    Jessica Romeo
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    That is a great question Sherri! Overall water is integral to the digestive system by transporting the nutrients throughout the body and actually aiding in proper digestion. I can see your concern with the diluting of enzymes and how that would undo any digestive benefits, however I believe this happens in rare instances. More than likely you will not be drinking so much water that this would be the case. Sipping your water before, during and after meals is just fine and won’t be hindering your digestion, the benefits of the water will far outweigh anything else. Don’t be trying to chug down a couple 32 oz bottles of water during a meal, I think that is far outdoing things and could actually be harmful, but do continue to drink water. You are right in that drinking water is important on this plan, but also for everyone getting in more water is important. Also I might note that you will be intaking many vegetables and some fruits in this plan which actually contain a lot of water as well so you will be plenty hydrated! Don’t stress out too much about the specific water intake, rather keep a bottle with you wherever you go and stay hydrated, but don’t feel the need to force yourself to drink too much water either. It’s all about balance which is what is so great with this program!


    Rachel Fiske
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    Hey ladies! I would add that from what I have always learned and recommended to my clients, drinking only a small amount of water right before and with meals is preferable, or as Jessica says, just sipping. If you don’t need to drink water with meals, that’s totally fine too. But getting a lot of water throughout the rest of the day is key! Also be sure when eating to THOROUGHLY CHEW…this is a simple trick that can dramatically aid digestion, and is so often overlooked. Sit down and relax as much as possible when eating, and chew your food until it is a mush in your mouth. Putting your fork down in between bites can also help with this.


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    I find that when I have stalled or plateaued and I have keep my calorie intake steady for a loss, the only thing that seems to help is to switch up my exercise routine. A few years ago I worked with a personal trainer and she told me that my body would get used to the exercise I was doing. When I started a new routine I would burn more fat and build more muscle than I would after my body acclimated to the type of exercise I was doing. This is actually a good thing because every month you can implement a new routine and enjoy the variety.


    Laura Singletary
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    I’m new to the program so my fluctuation is small. I was down a bit when I didn’t expect to loose and up when I thought I did great the previous day. So I don’t know the answers. I’m holding off weighing so much. Keeping track of food and water.


    Sharon Skapura
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    I experienced weight fluctuations

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