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    Laura Singletary
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    @lindajg Linda, I feel your frustration. Very different experience for you and I can imagine that it’s hard for you when you read that so-n-so lost 6 or 10 pounds. While you eat very little and follow the plan but don’t have success. I’m no expert and don’t have any specific recommendations for you. Just wanted to say I understand. Keep searching to find what works for you. But hey, you know eating fresh veggies, lean meat and lots of water is key. Good luck!


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    Hi LauraS! Thank you for your response and support. LindaJG


    Mary Beth Gunderson
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    looks like water is the answer. I find it hard to drink 8-10 glasses/day


    Sharon Anderson
    @Sharon Anderson
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    Hang in there Mary Beth. I am finding that tracking what I eat on the Fit Bit app as well as weighing and measuring everything has helped. I was on very similar regimen for a month before I ordered the PS1000 but gained and lost a pound over and over. I see now when I am weighing and measuring that my portion sizes were too big.


    Angela Demma
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    Hi, I am late to this 1st week I lost 7.5 lbs. Didnt exercise much but I walk 30mins every day with my dogs.
    I have been off for months..getting ready to go back I gained some weight back I was down 14lbs gained about 6 back..but I need to drop about 20lb or more..we shall see how it goes.


    Amy Clark
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    Just started on Nov 10 and have lost 7 lbs so far. I am thrilled with my results! Although I am still struggling with headaches from the change in my diet but obviously I needed that change!


    Angela Demma
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    I lost 7.5 1st week then nothing for 3 weeks. Then I went off for a couple weeks then back on lost 4 more lbs. I think you have to find what will work the best for you. I am not sure there are actual averages.


    Cory Sellers
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    I just finished Phase 1 this past Saturday, November 18th. I lost a total of 86 lbs. which averages out to 6.6 lbs. per week. I have attached an image of my weekly tracking along with a chart showing the planned versus actual. I had really good weeks and not so good weeks. With my body, I noticed drastic swings in day to day weights during certain portions of this diet. So even though I weighed every morning, I tried to not get too discouraged when I would go back up next day from a previous weight loss. (+/- 4 lbs). I did not do any exercising during Phase 1 so all loss was simply based on caloric intake. Even though I didn’t exercise my normal daily activity was around 5000 steps a day. Now that I am in Phase 2, I have started walking daily and plan on doing some additional exercises. After completing Phase 2 and will go directly back on Phase 1 for another full 90 day cycle as I want to lose an additional 80 lbs.

    There were concerns in a previous post about too rapid of a weight loss not being healthy. I would state that for me it was not. My doctor is very enthusiastic about my weight loss journey. All tests have been coming back in the normal range. There have also been posts stating that for some this program does not work for them. I understand this and everyone’s body reacts differently and there may be other underlying issues preventing the weight loss.

    Water: Some have struggled with the water requirements in the diet. I did not go by the formula based on overall weight should equal so many ounces of water. For me this was too much. I do drink 80 ounces of water a day spread out over 12 hours. The weeks were I didn’t lose as much weight I could directly link it to not getting enough water.

    Hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact me if any questions.
    Cory Sellers

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    Sharon Skapura
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    I’m on 6 weeks on phase 1 with 8 lbs weight loss. Feel like that isnt much when I am really sticking with the diet. I like the meals.

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