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    My friend personal messaged me yesterday asking what tips and advice I had for her regarding just starting out on the diet. I told her the first thing she should think is her personal goals, and why she wanted to diet in the first place. Once the reason and the goals are set, this makes it easier to think clearly about starting a diet program. Even better is you right these goals down and come back to check in once in awhile and maybe add a few new goals. What was one thing you have done during your weight loss journey that has helped you succeed early on?

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    Tammy DiCarlo
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    I am not a cook so I eat my foods in simple forms… Prepare and package so I can grab and go …..


    Brad Goudie
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    Tammy thanks for all your support and involvement. You have been a great part of my success.


    Judalon Smyth
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    Tammy, I think keeping it simple is key. Planning ahead; dividing up my salad ingredients into 7 wide-mouth mason jars so all I have to do is grab & go helps… I do 1 of 2 choices for dressing; either put it on the bottom of the jar before layering and then put the least porous food on top like beans or radish so i don’t have a soggy salad, the other choice is I make it up and store in 7 small containers to take with and apply at time of consumption. I’m alone so I don’t have a lot of variation in meals from day to day or I’d have a lot of spoilage. I’ll make a batch of chili and divide up the 6 servings so that’s 6 dinners done for the week. Dr Oz says you have better chance of success the more you can automate your meals. Also, getting the proper amount of water; I divide my weight that I show on the morning scale then I immediately go to the kitchen and I have these great pitchers i got 2 years ago at Costco that hold 72oz and say today I need 75 ounces… I make sure I have a full 72 oz pitcher of water to drink throughout the day and I fill a glass with 3 ounces of water and drink it so I know I’m good once I’m done with the pitcher. You could also do this with water bottles. The other big help for me in my 1st round was using FitnessPal to record my food intake.


    April Larkin
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    I find writing everything down really works or I skip and forget what goes in my mouth.


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    These are some great tips and I have implemented several through my first SUCCESSFUL week on the plan. In addition to tracking, meal prep and water intake I have found that the support on this site and the PS1000 Facebook page is an enormous help. Positive reinforcement, real life experiences and fun recipes have made my goals seem more attainable.


    Jennifer Daniels
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    I agree with Juadalon. I am also alone but I work a crazy schedule. I prep and cook on Sunday enough meals to last through the next Saturday. I pick simple easy recipes from the site that can be easily stored and carried to work each day. This is my first week so I made the Taco Chili which is too good to talk about and I put it in the freezer so that when I carry it to work it acts like an Ice pack and by the time I’m ready to eat it is ready to microwave. I did the same with the 2 snacks. I make a smoothie in the morning but I have everything in a grab and go way. For my water I drink 100 ounces and have for years so I just grab 4 16.9 ounces bottles of water for work and have the other 2 or more when I get home. This is not a diet it is a lifestyle and I can be hard to prep and cook but I lost 10.5 pounds in the first 6 days so that has to mean I’m doing something right. I use oral dosing syringes and draw up my drops and the B12 so it is ready and I use the timer on my I Phone to make sure I am within the 15 mins before and after and can just keep working until the timer rings letting me know its time to drop or wait.
    Just stay strong and you will get there. This is the best program ever!!!

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