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    Customer’s mini wins bring light to PS1000, and make us remember why we love helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle. Just yesterday we received a rather emotional phone call from a woman who simply wanted to thank us for providing her an opportunity to have a personal win (rather than just a physical win) from the scale. She had a hectic day, and started craving nutrient dense foods instead of the typical (pizza, carbs, sodas). For the first time, she really felt like her body had made a change for the better without having to think about it or force it. Losing weight is great, and a victory in and of itself but what are your non scale victories to date?

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    Jessica Romeo
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    Oh my I have so many of these, I love NSV far far more than the scale! My current one is fitting into a size 6 skinny jeans that haven’t fit in a long long time! Using certain pairs of jeans, dress, favorite outfit you can gauge your progress almost more effectively than the number on the scale. That is so awesome that she has made it to the point of not falling back into the junk food trap on stressful days! That is by far one of my favorite NSV’s also!


    Eva PS1000
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    Good job Jessica, size 6 is my new goal. Never though I would achieve that but i am damn close!!!!I used to be size 18-20. Never dreamt of being bellow size 12.
    I have so many victories since losing can’t even count them. Becoming a strong tennis player in just 2 years is probably one of my favorites!


    Sharon Birnie
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    Great Job Jessica and Evelina. My biggest NSV was buying my first pair of skinny jeans in a size 14. For the past 20 years my pants had some elastic somewhere in the waist and loose style legs. I felt so much more stylish in the “skinny style”. Six months later I am buying Size 10 skinny jeans. They called out for a new pair of shoes.


    Tammy DiCarlo
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    Fitting back into and beyond literally a room full of clothes I had grown out of. But my greatest NSV is my positive mental health. My weight weighs me down mentally- a black cloud I carry with me all the time. I have my confidence back in all areas of my life. I have a sort of eating disorder of some type. One that I have never been able to determine the origin of. I have a poor relationship with food and it has been my enemy. This program in all avenues whether the recipes, allowable food list and I would say most importantly the support of those traveling this journey has helped me tremendously. I now view “food” as an object without emotion and not give it so much power over me. One month short of my year “goal weight” anniversary I find myself in a harmonious relationship with food rather then one of conflict. ?


    Rachel Fiske
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    That’s excellent, Tammy! That should be the ultimate goal of any diet program….to achieve a sustainable and healthy eating patterns and build a positive connection to food. So, great work!!


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    My greatest NSV was being able to get down on the floor and play with my grand-daughter. I had more energy and was able to chase her around the room without getting short of breath and calling a halt to the activities. Since that initial victory, I have gained much of my weight back and I would like to get back to where I was especially since I now have three more grandkids to play with. Using some great exercise routines helps get me limber too! I’m looking forward to achieving that victory one pound at a time.


    Paula Gunning
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    After only five days of phase 1, my disabled daughter has gained some much-needed weight; she is eating more and better. I almost cried. Although she has experienced some sugar withdrawal (head-ache, fatigue) the hand tremors that began about a month ago have decreased in severity for the first time. I also have less fatigue and headache than when I started and am already losing weight (down a bit from from 217 lbs!). This is a great start.


    Carol Pfeiffer
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    I’ve been married four years, and my husband and I haven’t ever really gotten into a good pattern of cooking regularly. As a result, we had gotten into the habit of eating out a lot, and when we didn’t, we didn’t have a lot of healthy options available to us to cook at home.

    We’ve gone on diets before with prepared meals. While those helped us lose weight, they made the meal-planning situation worse. One of the reasons I chose this plan, other than the great reviews, was the fact that we would need to plan and prepare our meals. I’ve been trying out a lot of the posted recipes, and even created a couple of my own.

    My husband and I are both losing weight on the plan, and I’m confident that we’ll be able to eat healthier once we are through with the weight loss portion of the program. That’s very exciting to me.


    Trina C
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    This is amazing and exactly How I feel now. I’m just starting with PS1000 but food also has a grip on my emotional life. I’ve been told by my Biofeedback specialist that I have an unconscious resistance to change. That confused me but after talking about it a little more, I realized that my association with weight loss is tied to the loss of my mother when she was just forty. I am now thirty nine. My mother always struggled with her weight. Always on diets and doing short term bursts of exercise. 4 months before she was diagnosed with Ovarian and Uterine cancer she joined Weight Watchers and was doing really well. Weight loss doesn’t much matter when the doctors tell you that you are going to die. Anyway, she passed 1 month after her fortieth birthday. I am much heavier then my mom ever was, and I go through the same weight loss cycle as she did. But now I am worried about other illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. I need to change my life, but mentally I have so many road blocks that I need to break through in order to create change that is lasting. My mom had a genetic disorder called Lynch syndrome. I have been tested and do not have the Lynch gene, but I think in the back of my mind I still connect weight loss with death and cancer. Just fear I guess. I know I need to alter those unconscious thoughts to support weight loss to save me from cancer of other sorts and disease associated with obesity.

    Trina C

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