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    Jacklyn Fein
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    I’m wondering what made you choose this diet over all the other ones out there. I want more info before I start. Any Information about this diet would help tremendously


    Lalalandia Vidriera
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    I chose this diet because the others ones wasn’t effective, I have read all the reviews about this one and the majority are very good.I’m eating healthy because you have a guide to follow with the approved food and the ones not approved.However, everyone is different and what is working for me may not will be same for you.Good luck with your decision.


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    For me it is the flexibility of the diet. I am one of those people that can’t loose any weight. I tried eating the same way [1000 cal / day] as I do now and I didn’t even drop a single ounce. I don’t know what is in those drops, they do work. I tried the HCG diet, I lost weight but it was too much restrictions, you are only allowed 500cal / day and there isn’t much variety in terms of food to choose from. I gained all that weight back slowly. I love this diet because there is so much food you are allowed in phase 1 and if you plan it well, you will not be disappointed. Today marks end of my 4th week and I have lost 10lbs. It doesn’t seem much to some people but to me this is a lot of weight to drop in only 1 month. Also I don’t have much weight to get rid of, I am at 150lb and hoping to loose another 10 in the next month. Hopefully this helps.


    Penny B
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    I did a lot of research. I am already following the Paleo plan but needed a boost. I’m hoping this program will balance me out. I get the products Thursday and am excited to give it a try.


    Marsha Fromang
    @Marsha Fromang
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    Wanted to try this, I also did hcg and it worked but very strict. Hoping I can stick with this to loose the weight.


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    I saw good reviews online from those who have tried, thus felt that this might work for me.


    Samantha Rogers
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    I happened upon the PS1000 plan while researching another diet online. I chose to try it for several reasons…the amount and content of the reviews and the price. I had tried HCG before but it was not sustainable. This plan is not just a weight loss plan but it’s a lifestyle change. It’s a ‘clean’ eating plan that is high protein, low carb. You eat between 800 and 1000 calories a day and take drops 3 times a day. The list of ‘approved’ foods is pretty extensive, good variety and basic foods you would use daily. No special or hard to find foods. The drops curb your appetite and cravings (yes, the drops really work!) and speed up your metabolism because I’m eating a lot of food and still losing on a consistent basis. I lost 10lbs in my first 2 weeks on the plan and this was without exercise! I’m now steadily losing 2-3 lbs week and I don’t feel deprived at all! I highly recommend this plan for anyone who is truly looking for a lifestyle change rather than just a quick weight loss plan.


    Tanya Dobbs
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    I chose this plan based on all of the good reviews. I know a lot about eating well but still I’m not able to lose any and instead just keep gaining weight. I just joined a couple of days ago so I’m just using the free diet plan and my own common sense. I’m a little disappointed in the lack of any structure. Are those drops so valuable that for over $100 to join, that’s all you get beside access to recipes? I was also surprised to see a 7-diet plan that you can purchase after I read about the nutritionist that was planning all of the great recipes. So, I sound a bit critical before I even give it a try but that’s how I feel after seeing what I got for the price.


    Sandy Rock
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    I haven’t started yet. I just ordered yesterday. I was researching another product and found this plan rated as #1. I am committing to 90 days. I have horrible arthritis pain in my knees and a painful back. I can’t stand long or walk very far without intense pain. I believe losing weight will help.



    Many diet programs make you auto ship- which PS1000 doesn’t do. They are constantly adding in new recipes weekly to the list, and have 4 7 day menu plans (2 free, and 2 for purchase) that are extremely helpful. It is actually a great price for the the ongoing support and recipes you get after your first purchase…

    Love this plan!

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