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    The struggle is real. There are so many family members and friends in my circles who do not notice health food options as a choice for their diets. Pizza, beer, carbs, sugar, and processed foods surround their every meal. This can be especially difficult when you are trying to change your life for the better, and eat healthy without the distraction of crap foods all around you. There are many options such as hiding the bad food out of site, cooking meals for family members, and just straight up throwing bad food away to help yourself stay on track as well as others around you (even if they are not willing to be on a track.) What other suggestions for success do you have regarding this touchy, yet common problem for many families?

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    I am cooking for myself and a husband who is very reluctant to try anything that is from my “healthy” cookbook. I still make him his favorite dishes but I substitute leaner meats, add more vegetables and get creative with the spices. I also started serving dinner on salad plates instead of the larger ones we used to use. He is not losing as fast as I am but he is reaping some of the benefits of my new knowledge.


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    I think it is horribly sad when a family won’t support someone in their household who is trying to do better. It’s a respect issue, really.

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