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    Carol Pfeiffer
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    I tried to find this in the book, but I was unsuccessful. When are you supposed to move on to Phase 2 for best results? It looks like you typically have some, much slower, weight loss in Phase 2. That’s why I wonder about the timing. I know you stay in Phase 1 between 21 and 90 days, but I don’t know what the trigger for moving is. Are you supposed to wait until you hit your target (assuming you do in less than 90 days) knowing you may lose a few more pounds, or transition a few pounds before target?


    Trina C
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    Interesting question! Anyone have some suggestions. I don’t have my booklet yet but gathered from the posts I’ve read that you do Phase 1 for 21 days then do Phase 2 to stabilize then you can rotate back to Phase 1 if you have more to lose. Maybe Jessica R can help us out. She has been such a good help with so many other people’s questions.

    Trina C



    Hi Trina,

    Phase 1 can last an upwards of 90 days depending on how much weight you need to lose. For some people they hit their goal weight before 90 days, and others go through phase 1 maybe even twice. Everyone is different here. Once you hit your goal weight you would then move into Phase 2 which is also known as the maintenance phase. This lasts for 21 days, and you can add an additional 500 calories to your usual 1000 of anything you would like. It just helps transition you forward without giving up all of the habits you worked for in Phase 1. Once you are done with the 21 days, and feel like you can transition back into “normal everyday” while taking your new habits with you that is what is called Phase 3 and it is ongoing. You can repeat Phases 1 & 2 at anytime.

    I hope this helps!


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    I love the freedom to move between phases as the situations in my life warrant a change. Life happens and if I need a reboot to phase one, it’s great to reread the book and hone those good habits.

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