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    Cat G
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    Getting married in a few months and I feel like I’ve tried everything. Hoping for the best. Wish me luck!


    Phyllis Massey
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    Welcome aboard! And congratulations for starting the journey and on your upcoming marriage.

    If you will read the book and follow the plan, I think you will be very pleased with the results you will see before your big day.

    Best of luck on the plan and in your upcoming marriage!



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    Exactly, why Not – LOL! Welcome and congrats on your new journey.


    Angela Demma
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    Welcome. I am waiting for my drops and have not started yet. I too am hopeful, but I feel with determination we got this. 🙂


    Cory L
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    Stay focused and drink your water! Good luck!


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    It’s great to have something to motivate you other than desire for change. Set little goals along the way with your ultimate goal in mind. Lean on this group for support and keep us posted on your progress. You’ll find a lot of cheerleaders here. Best wishes for your success!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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