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    Lena Amador
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    Hi everybody. I just started my program; I’m on day 2 and already lost 2 lbs. Probably water weight, but I’ll take it! I’m 5’9 and started the program at 211 lbs and want to get back down to 160 at least. I’m at 209 now. I’m 46 and the extra weight is killing my joints so I said, that’s it! I’m tired of looking and feeling like crap. This year, I had so much trouble tending to my garden, camping and other outdoor activities I love because of the extra weight.

    I’m so excited about this program. I’m only on day 2 and feeling pretty good. No headaches so far. I drank a lot of water and took my Omega 3s so I think that really helped. Also, the food plan is pretty easy to follow. I do have to cook, which I absolutely HATE to do, so that is the only thing that sucks so far. Thankfully, the snacks are easy and if I cook in mass quantities and freeze, that helps. (Just made a pot of simple chili that is going to last me all week.)

    I’m not exercising yet because I’m tired and trying to adjust. I hope to start a walking routine and light weights soon. I’m easing into this because I have a bad back and shoulders. Wish me luck on that!

    Good luck to everybody else too!


    Sharon Sanderson
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    Weight loss will help your joints and likely your back. I just reviewed a study that started with increases in hip and knee replacements. They were asking why. They suggested it was North American’s extra weight. People are heavier than their parents and grandparents.

    The personal trainer who talks on our local radio show definitely says counting calories and what you eat are more effective than exercise for weight loss. In his view, the exercise tightens, but isn’t the main weight loss tool.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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