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  • Squash could be used as I caution food as it does have great nutritional value but due to starchy nature does not work for everyone.

  • Great advice Angela! The way we look at the food really makes a huge difference. If we look for solutions rather than focusing on a problem life in general gets easier.
    Protein pancakes, smoothies with almond or coconut milk can also be a great breakfast foods to change up your usual meals. Chia puddings are now my new favorite breakfast food :).

  • We get asked a lot about alcohol and the diet. The most common question is “will it break the diet” and the short answer is “no”. Although we do not recommend alcohol in Phases 1 or 2 if you did have one drink once in awhile it would mostly only have a short term side effect of weight stall. Drinking too much alcohol however can not only stall…[Read more]

  • Hi Vanessa, while Mediterranean diet is an excellent choice for some, I would suggest waiting until at least Phase 2 to start it since it is recommended more for longterm benefits rather than quick weight loss. Our program and supplements are designed to be followed with PS1000 protocol in order to achieve desired results. You could always…[Read more]

  • Hi Jim, if you are smoking it yourself then it is definitely something that would be acceptable. Caution would be advised with store bought due to added salt.

  • Jessica Romeo replied to the topic Help! in the forum Ask Nutritionist 6 years, 7 months ago

    Agree with Angela that taking a probiotic might help relieve discomfort and might help with stomach problems in general.

  • Robyn,

    So first of all there are many variables going on here. The electronic body fat scales in my opinion are not very accurate in the first place, the best bet is to get your body fat measured either by calipers at your Dr’s office or a gym by someone who is trained in how to do it correctly. If you do a low calorie program long term you…[Read more]

  • Awe thanks Jennifer!

    Robyn, no flavored greek yogurt, the sugar additives are not a good thing. As far as the Greek yogurt goes, my favorite brand is Chobani Plain non-fat Greek. In 1 cup there is 130 calories, 0 g fat and about 22 grams of protein. It has minimal ingredients which makes it a fantastic choice. Add some diced apples, a few…[Read more]

  • Totally understand and have been there myself! Not everyday can be perfect so do what you can 🙂

  • Nothing severe that I know of, however I know that it was intended for a short-term solution. I am not sure there is a ton of research yet on the long-term effects. I guess overall I would just hope that after changing, diet and lifestyle most people are able to fall into a natural sleep rhythm and no longer need to continue Melatonin. I am not…[Read more]

  • Sarah,

    Yes going super low calorie for too long is not a good thing. However the Phase 1 portion of this plan should not have to last long enough for this to happen. Also be sure that you are adding additional calories if you have particularly more active days. You will definitely be feeling sluggish and lower your metabolism even further if…[Read more]

  • Technically you should use the nonfat Greek yogurt in order to save a little calories and not have to count the fat. However I find that regular Greek yogurt actually makes me feel more full. If you go for regular 1 cup counts for 1 fat serving for the day. Does this help?

  • yes that would be ok. If you find yourself having increased cravings I would cut back to the recommended 1 per day as sometimes drinking your meals doesn’t always satiate you the same as a regular meal with the same number of calories.

  • So glad you got it and tried it out! I love that stuff too in fact I need to reorder mine now. I love the way my skin and nails look when I take it in place of regular protein powder. I have also heard of people putting it into their coffee.

  • Yes it does have a laxative effect, so keep that in mind and definitely ask your Dr. about it before taking it.

    Headaches are a common symptom of detoxing of course if they get too intense I would look into that further, don’t ignore them if they continue. Sometimes it can be from dropping your calories too low. Try adding in an additional…[Read more]

  • Robyn,

    Yes it could take a little longer, each person responds a little differently to a huge diet overhaul such as this. Just remember it took years to get to this point and it is unlikely to change rapidly, so keep being patient. I am sure the sleep is also causing the emotions to be a little out of whack as well. One supplement that I have…[Read more]

  • Not to be too invasive, but are you urinating a lot more also? This is a sign of your body detoxing. How much additional water are you drinking over the 100 ounces…also are you making sure to work in a lot of vegetables and fruit? These are great sources of water as well, when you consume a lot of veggies mostly (especially lettuce, etc) your…[Read more]

  • Try eating your most calorie dense meal in the evening. This will help you to crave less in the later hours of the day.

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