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  • I started the program 1/28/2017 with a great attitude. I am a very slow loser, and it took 6 weeks to lose 10 lbs, although I did lose inches. I had many occasions since that I was “off-program” but was able to get right back the next day, and as a result lost no weight for the week, but also did not gain back anything. And then Easter came,…[Read more]

  • I was just searching through this for a recipe resource without FB. I do not particularly like FB as I do not know what can and cannot be seen by my “friends” so I thought this forum would be an ideal spot. Saw that someone had the idea almost a year ago, and was wondering what happened – or better yet where can I find additional recipes that…[Read more]

  • Robin, you will find the Quest shakes to be very thick. I do love the vanilla mixed with berries, and the chocolate mixed with anything. I have added spinach to the vanilla, and zucchini to the chocolate. Still good. I am concerned about the sweetener, though. I believe they use a splenda-type sweetener, not stevia which would be preferred on…[Read more]

  • Hi – I have just started the program – also waited almost a week for the product. I am 65 years old and post menopausal and the heaviest I have ever been. I need to lose 25 – 30 lbs. I tried Weight Watchers last year, unsuccessfully, probably because it isn’t strict enough for me. I almost ordered Nutrisystem, but realize that it is…[Read more]

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